What is Drakon Language?

DRAKON is an easy to understand graphical algorithmic language. It makes it very easy for anyone to understand any complex process, procedure, or similar task by presenting it an easy to understand, natural format for the human eye.

The DRAKON algorithmic language was developed in the 1980’s by Russian professor Vladimir Parondzhanov. He was working with the space program to launch the Russian space shuttle Buran. Over 20,000 people were involved in the program and they needed a way to explain complicated processes to many new people as fast as possible so they could coordinate their actions within the precision of 0.0001 milliseconds. And this is exactly what DRAKON language is for. With the help of DRAKON, Buran was successfully launched and is the first space shuttle to perform an unmanned flight, including landing in a fully automatic mode (More info). After such success, the DRAKON language was also used in other international space projects Now it us successfully applied in many industries from manufacturing to medicine and al aspects of any business.

The DRAKON Language is built in most harmonious way for our brain to perceive information. Unlike the usual text form or more advanced charts and mind maps, the DRAKON language is the only one that delivers information in the most natural way for our brain to understand it. Anyone, after just a few minutes of explanation, can read and understand DRAKON charts.

Imagine how easy life would be if your business was running on autopilot. Everyone knew exactly what they had to do. Changes of personnel would cause no problems as you always have few candidates ready. And you do not need to spend any time training them – because they trained by themselves. This is possible with the KeyTurn Bussiness program that was developed by Algirdas Karalius, who went to Mr. Parondzhanov himself to learn everything about the DRAKON language from the creator. No more firings, no more stress. Just a happy life. That’s what the KeyTurn Bussiness program is all about. Read more about it here

Drakon in use

DRAKON is a visual method of describing any complex process so a that a 8 year old child could understand it.

Running a business sometimes might be as hard as running a space craft. Most of the problems that arise are due to communication issues. Business processes become more and more complex and thus comes the need to systematise them.

This is how the idea to use DRAKON in business was born. Business processes described in DRAKON eliminates the possibility of human error and miscommunication.

Few samples:

One company who trained ER doctors described all possible scenarios for reasons why anyone could come to the ER and describe what the doctor should do in only 13 DRAKON charts. Just think about it – all possible emergency rescue scenarios are described in 13 one page diagrams that anyone can easily read. Now, these DRAKON charts are widely used in many countries with great success. For example, in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kirgiz, it helped to reduce fatalities while giving births at home by 70%

Pepsi-Cola used DRAKON charts to describe their processes. This enabled them to merge factories much easier. Standardized business processes were easily understandable to the people who had no prior experience with Pepsi-Cola

About the Author – Algirdas Karalius

The author of the KeyTurn Bussiness program is Algirdas Karalius, who successfully worked in 18 countries with various companies, helping them to increase efficiency and profitability. Among his clients are some of the largest banks, pharmaceutical companies, corporations, and even some other small to mid-size businesses.

Consulting other businesses, Algirdas constantly found one reason causing problems. And that same reason is often identified by business owners – that is miscommunication.

Miscommunication appears inside a company between the employees as well as with clients. Thus, the main question that any company needs to solve, if it wants to prosper, is how to make all processes simple and easy to understand.

In search for answers, Algirdas looked at various methods, from ISO process descriptions that usually no one uses, to LEAN, 6 SIGMAS to visual charts, mind maps, and so on.

The first time Algirdas heard about DRAKON, he knew that is THE SOLUTION. He went to the creator of the language, Mr. Parondzhanov, in order to learn every detail himself.

Later, Algirdas Karalius became the first person to help successfully implement DRAKON into medicine and business. This technology has become a real international sensation and will surely change the way we describe processes everywhere.

The DRAKON method was featured on:

KeyTurn Business program

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Topics covered in workshop:

  • What are the main 3 reasons why most businesses fail?
  • How to communicate in business using the “same language.”
  • How to make complicated business processes easy to understand.
  • Practical samples how to use Drakon in YOUR business.

Benefits you will receive after the workshop:

  • You will have an exact instrument that will enable you to make the most complex business process simple and easy to understand for all employees.
  • You will be able to describe the processes yourself, teach your employees how to do them, and finally bring order back into your company.
  • You will remove 80% of the problems you now have due to personnel issues.
  • You will stop covering fires in your daily job and organize the process so those fires won’t rise anymore.
  • You will have more free time for your family and recreation. Because the business will be successfully running on its own.
  • You will have a system in place that will enable you to easily select and prepare new employees.

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