The evolution of the mind

The quantum leaps of evolution

Today, I would like to tell you about the ways our minds evolved and the qualitative leaps they went through on the path titled “evolution of the mind.” We will also learn which step you and I are currently on, and what kind of leap we can make in the near future. The very beginning of this leap – this huge, global evolutionary leap – will take place in Lithuania. I am determined to prove this to you right now. Continue reading “The evolution of the mind”

Cascade method for mastering any skill

Last time, we singled out the main reason behind the lack of happiness, luck and other positive things we wish we had in our lives – the lack of certain skills. We found out that it usually takes a lot of time and effort to master a new skill – 10,000 hours or more for an average person. Naturally, we ask ourselves whether there is another, quicker way of doing it, with a higher rate of success than three percent. A path that will help us accomplish our goals, develop necessary skills and enjoy our lives in a happy and wholesome way. Continue reading “Cascade method for mastering any skill”

Seven stairs to achieve success

Why do only 3% of people achieve success?

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve success and are extremely successful and happy while others are not? Scientists have calculated people’s levels of success and happiness, and the data is disappointing. If you examine any larger group of people, you’ll find that only three percent of them say they are extremely happy, rich or successful. Meanwhile, 80 percent of this group would say they are losers because they fail despite struggling to achieve. Finally, 17 percent are craftsmen who succeed in achieving results but fail to reach extraordinary outcomes in their lives. The question is “why?”

Continue reading “Seven stairs to achieve success”