Cascade method for mastering any skill

Last time, we singled out the main reason behind the lack of happiness, luck and other positive things we wish we had in our lives – the lack of certain skills. We found out that it usually takes a lot of time and effort to master a new skill – 10,000 hours or more for an average person. Naturally, we ask ourselves whether there is another, quicker way of doing it, with a higher rate of success than three percent. A path that will help us accomplish our goals, develop necessary skills and enjoy our lives in a happy and wholesome way.

Cascade Method
Cascade Method

Today, I want to tell you that such a path exists. To complete it, we must turn around everything we know and start from the top instead of the bottom. I call this method the “Cascade method” because it lets us happily and easily reach our set goals in a downward cascade, step by step. The “Cascade” is composed of four steps: modelling, algorithmization, fast skill building and integration.

4 steps to quickly learn any skill

We start at the very top, which is mastery. We take a person who already excels at some kind of skill, having spent 10,000 to 20,000 hours mastering it to the highest degree. Now we need to use this person as an example for our first step, called “modelling.” Very simply, this is similar to mimicking. We want to start imitating the actions of a person who is highly successful in the area we chose for ourselves.

However, at this point we often face a big problem. If we were to ask the masters about how they learned, reached their goals and became successful, most if not all of them wouldn’t have a clear answer. Therefore, our job is to closely watch the masters instead of asking them questions. It is vitally important to use their competence as a means of creating an exact and useful algorithm.

This brings us to the second step in our “Cascade” ladder, which is “algorithmizing.” Our algorithm must be as simple as possible so any person can use it to reach desired results equal to those of a master, but without the master’s proficiency. However, having an algorithm does not necessarily mean you are skilled enough to use it.

Consequently, our next – and the third – step is developing new skills. Here, we have a special method that allows us to rapidly and unerringly learn even the most difficult things. I have called it “Situational Algorithmic Training.” The method allows you to develop sufficient skills in the shortest time possible without depending on your talents.

Lastly, the fourth – and probably most important – step is integrating your new skills into your daily life; in other words, turning them into habits. After all, the quality of our lives does not depend on what we know or what we understand, but rather on what we do each and every day without thinking twice about it. Therefore, “habit formation” is our last and most vital step.

Benefits of the Cascade method versus the usual 7 steps

What we have now is as follows: if you choose the path of the Cascade method instead of the traditional seven-step method, you will create some major advantages for yourself. First and foremost is speed; you will save tens of thousands of hours to reach the same kind of efficiency in several tens of hours instead. After spending this much time, you will surely have mastered the main skills that are vital to your goals. So, the first benefit is the time we save, which is our most precious resource.

Benefits of the Cascade method versus the usual 7 steps
Benefits of the Cascade method versus the usual 7 steps

Next on this path, we have 97 percent of people instead of three percent who can reach the results they strive for. Third, we save both money and energy. We aren’t spending tens of thousands of hours – or ten years – and paying a lot of money to learn, make mistakes and try to improve, which may not pay off in the end. You would probably all agree that the possibility of our not being among the lucky three percent does not encourage us to spend tens of thousands of hours or more. However, if you choose the Cascades method and apply these four steps – each of which we will discuss in more detail later – you will undoubtedly reach your goals in a fast and – most importantly – joyful way.

You may think that this sounds too good to be true. However, I am determined to prove that every one of you can learn any new skill you strongly desire in under 100 hours. Whether it’s learning to get more money, create better relationships, paint and draw, play a musical instrument or even learn a new language, all is quickly achievable using the “Cascade” method.

The only reason you are yet not enjoying thousands of useful and pleasant things in your life is simple: No one has taught you how to learn something in an efficient, pleasurable and happy manner. My mission in life is to help as many people as possible to learn practical things and develop new skills in the fastest way, with success rates as high as 97 percent. Naturally, you must want to make it. We will talk more about the details in our upcoming posts. Thus, make sure you subscribe to be notified when we release the next post, in which we will talk about how our minds can learn new skills in a short period of time.